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Peter M. Ochs, Chairman of the Board, Fieldstone Communities Inc.
Rick Peters has been one of the most valued and trusted employees of Fieldstone since he originally started working with us in 1982. Rick’s knowledge of all the details of the construction and land development business is legendary, as are his people skills both internal and external. Over the years he has been responsible for the production of thousands of homes and for relationships with literally hundreds of trade contractors and suppliers. In all of his work he has been known as being fair, objective, and able to see different sides of complex issues. He has always held himself, and those around him, to high standards of excellence and integrity. In addition, he is one of those rare individuals who will always subordinate and align his own personal interests with those for whom he’s working. As Rick retires from Fieldstone to pursue a dream of working more independently, I have both supported him and encouraged him in his goals. I recommend him highly and without reservation as to his skills, relational ability and character.

Frank Foster, President and CEO, Fieldstone Communities Inc.
I have had the pleasure of working with Rick Peters for over 20 years. Rick has had a significant role in the growth of Fieldstone during his tenure here and has left a lasting mark. Rick was the first Director of Construction at Fieldstone and over the years developed teams and processes among the best in the industry. His decision to leave Fieldstone and start his own business did not come as a surprise, although selfishly I would like to have had him finish his career at Fieldstone. I have worked closely with Rick for many years and have always considered him a go-to person, especially when presented with challenging construction issues. His knowledge of land and home construction and his problem-solving abilities have been proven out time after time. He has developed personal relationships and trust with city and county officials which have helped shortcut entitlement and other issues over the years. Rick is a natural leader. He is decisive, fair but firm and always bases his actions on his very high set of values. He values people and in particular training his team members and encouraging them to reach their own personal potential. I have witnessed many of his direct reports blossom under his leadership. I have personally enjoyed my working and personal relationship with Rick and wish him well in his new career. I can comfortably recommend Rick as one of the best in the industry in all areas of home development.

Bill Shelton, President, Shelton Construction (General Engineering Contractor)
One of Rick’s favorite sayings is “win-win.” And he truly does want both sides to win. When you hit an impasse, he just looks at people sitting around the table and says ‘How can we make this a win-win? Just quit the bickering, and let’s make it work.’ Rick goes to people and considers them the experts, if that’s what they do for a living. He’s not afraid to ask you questions. And boy, he sure listens. There’s something about Rick that just makes you want to work for him. And you know what, if he gives you his word, he keeps it. And also, he just knows everybody in the business. I remember Fieldstone had a dinner for all the trade contractors – like a thank you dinner. Peter Ochs [Fieldstone’s chairman] was there, and the other top guys. And Rick was there introducing them to everyone. The grading guys, the landscape guys, the drywall guys. Here’s all these people coming in, and Rick’s introducing 200 people by name. Because he knows every single one of them. Holy moley! He makes you feel important.

Bill Larkin, President, L & S Construction (Utility Pipeline Contractor)
What makes Rick Peters special? For me, that’s easy. I’ve known Rick for over 25 years. I’ve found him to be a person of quality from the very beginning. Honest. Forthright. All of the qualities of the kind of person you want to deal with. Rick’s a smart man. He’s been in the business for so long that he’s touched upon all parts of the business and knows them inside out. He knows everything from land purchase and entitlement through all phases of construction and ultimately dealing with the home buyer. I think he’s in an ideal position to be working with the banks and the builders who have surplus stuff and want to know which way to go with it. Rick’s a very personable person. He likes everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re the common laborer or the CEO. Rick blends well with everyone. I remember going to see him out on the job site – he used the same contractors all the time, so he got to know the workers by name. He’d go up to them and say “Good morning, Jose” or “Good morning, John.” That makes everyone feel good. It lets them know that they’re recognized and part of the process.

Dennis Buccola, President, The Buccola Companies (Nursery and Landscape Operations)
I met Rick back in 1981 or 1982, and I was introduced to him by a friend of mine. We hit it off right away. It was really a great relationship. Rick’s a great guy and a great ambassador – there are times where we said ‘Rick Peters is Fieldstone.’ He’s very tough because he’s so fair and he’s so understanding. He has such a great approach to problem-solving that you never want to let him down. It’s like when you’re growing up as a kid you don’t want to let your parents down. That’s kind of the way it is with Rick. He expects a lot from you. But he gives a lot back to you. He listens. He thinks about his answer. And he solves things. That’s why Fieldstone threw him in the toughest situations to solve problems. And he did that. His biggest asset is his people skills. That’s his biggest asset. Who he is as a person. He succeeds because of his character. The trade contractor industry never in the past had great reputations. We were just mom and pop shops and we were treated as second-class citizens by the builders. And one of the things I admired about Rick, he treated us like we were absolute equals. Like Fieldstone was the facilitator and we were the expert. Like we were going to talk and they were going to listen.

Frank Scardino, President, Capital Drywall, LP
He is perfect for consulting work. The guy is a great teacher and educator. Because let’s face it, these lending institutions that get in this situation, real-estate development and construction is not their forte. If I was a banker and knew nothing about construction, I can think of no guy I’d rather have than Rick sitting across the desk explaining it to me. What makes Rick so unique is the word integrity. He absolutely has the highest level of integrity. His word is his bond. He is very, very knowledgeable. He came up through the ranks. He’s a great problem solver. A lot of people in our industry talk about partnering with trade contractors. He’s one of a handful of guys in our whole industry who, when he says that, means that. He is without a doubt one of our favorite guys in the industry. He’s very well-respected. He has such a following of key people in the business. One of them is me. If he picked the phone up at 2 in the morning and said I’ve got to meet you now out at a job site, I’d be there. And he’d do the same for me.

Keith Clarke, Building Official, City of Corona
Rick pays attention to detail, which is very, very nice when you’re a regulatory entity like a building department. Anytime we needed information and he completed information, it was very, very complete. Anytime Rick Peters told you he was going to do something, it was done, and it was done well. There’s only a few people I’ve worked with I could actually agree with a handshake and expect something to happen, rather than rely on a letter. Very few people like him, who when they shake your hand it’s as good as gold. He’s a good leader. He instilled his values into his people, and that came through loud and clear.

Gail McEneany, Marketing Executive, The Gas Company
He’s very detailed. Very upfront. Very thorough. Results oriented. Everything that I dealt with him was always cordial, very thorough, and everything was resolved. One time shot – everything was done.

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