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We offer clients a full range of real-estate services in three basic areas – consulting, development and construction.


  1. Comprehensive site assessments:
    • Boundary conditions evaluation
    • Site protection measures
    • Physical characteristics of a given site
    • Identify risks and liabilities
    • Storm water pollution prevention plans compliance
    • Provide recommendations to mitigate any risks

  2. Street-improvement component review and evaluations:
    • Concrete curb, gutter, cross-gutter and spandrel installations
    • Asphalt and decorative concrete paving
    • Complete wet and dry utility installation best practices
    • Parkway and right of way landscape installations and maintenance

  3. Thorough vertical construction evaluations, including:
    • Structural and code compliance
    • Quality assurance assessment
    • Build-out evaluation scenarios
    • Completed product preparation and presentation to buyer

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